Tools for food were the first objects designed by humans, we need them to survive. Looking the tools evolution from sharp stones to modern hi-tech tools, I noted that plates didn't change radically their shapes. Why do we stick with this round shape? The reasons are many but the most relevant is the habit: in this round shape, we eat for thousands of years. The most used material is still clay and porcelain, that's why I think we must be respectful to these disciplines.

Next Pot is a tableware set that wants to explore the function of a normal plate with new experiences. Each object is designed for having new eating interaction with a specific recipe or with other diners. All the object are made by artisans with different techniques in order to have an efficient production and to give work and new possibilities to craft workshops.



Caprese do-it-yourself is an innovative system to serve this simple recipe. The two single ingredients are served in their raw state. The cutting tool has the shape of a lollipop gifted of a double blade.
ESA is a collection of plates made of two forms: triangles and hexagon. That allows you to create a composition that optimizes the space by reconstructing a mosaic.
Twist is a classic round plate that has three climb containers, two of them communicates through a channel that create a dynamic experience.
The shape of Landplate is inspired by a specific landscape and looks like a plate of it in reduced scale. The course will be served with different sauces that will mix through the canals. The cutlery is replaced by eating jewels.
Piattella is a dessert plate that recreates the traditional tiles decoration of Naples, with the difference that you eat the decoration.

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