RisOCCHIO! stop looking me, eat!

December 16, 2016


"You can choose! Here is another Milanese risotto; but without the pretension to take the role of the Ambrosian chefs, learned and ingenious in this matter. Rice, 300 grams butter, 50 grams of onion One quarter of magnitude mizzen. Marsala, two fingers of ordinary glass. Saffron, enough. Cook the onion, finely chopped, with half of the butter; the rice and after a few minutes the marsala. Bring him in cooking with broth and when it is cooked, add the remaining butter and saffron dissolved in a little broth; for the last handful of Parmesan cheese. Enough for three people.”



So that is just the classic recipe coming from the book of Artusi Pellegrino “the disciplinary of Italian cuisine, that I display in my way! Risocchio (occhio in Italian means eye) that’s how you can see things by a different prospective… please don’t look at me with this strange sight!



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