Workshop on Food Design and Food Security in Mediterranean area

May 16, 2017


ADI and the ADI Food Design Commission are now proposing to launch a second challenge, namely increasing  this dialogue on the theme of design in the agro-industrial sector, starting with Italy but widening the discussion to include countries in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Starting with Naples, ADI intends to activate a concrete “call to action”  aimed at businesses and institutions from the spaces and places that have seen the development of the production and distribution of pasta, one of the Italian foods that together with pizza and ice cream has carved out a central role in the diet of  all the world’s populations.

By virtue of its history and its strategic position, Naples is the most obvious place in which to initiate a serious cultural dialogue and establish harmonious synergies as a result of its creative knowhow.



International Workshop on Food Design and Food Security: Challenges in the Euro Mediterranean areas


The workshop involved the creation of 3 interactive and productive working groups whose intention is to inform but also to motivate participants to work towards the success of the project.



A – A vision of design

From Naples to the Mediterranean: food design for the territory, food design with the territory.



B – The project’s mission

Food design as a tool for food security, what contents, objectives and final results are to be expected from this project.



C – The tools for distribution and engagement

Design for networking. The roles and the action groups.



Within each group, discussions will be chaired by a moderator. Based on a creative and above all participatory approach, design and design thinking techniques will be used to facilitate discussions and to share ideas and solutions.











Through this meeting, we expect not only to define the project’s mission and vision but above all to create an action plan that will involve Euro-Mediterranean countries who will be invited to contribute through local events, intercultural design projects, partnerships and other synergistic forms of collaboration.


In addition to European countries, institutions, organizations and designers resident in countries bordering the Mediterranean will also be involved.


European and extra-European nations such as Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco will be an active part of the project and will contribute to creating a calendar of events that will develop over the course of the 3 years of the project.









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