Un alcolico in sospeso

September 22, 2017


The Cold Brew Coffee is having great success, but why? The first reason is the smooth taste, it is also less acid and more concentrated than conventionally brewed coffee. One of the best ways to brew coffee is by cold drip tower because during the saturation process we can manage the water dripping in order to obtain the best out our coffee.














Quotidiano point cafeteria asked us to bring some news in their offer, that was mainly concentrated on espresso and cappuccino, so we proposed to start brewing coffee and enriching their offer with coffee cocktails. We built the cold dripping tower using wood and some chemical laboratory glasses, like the separatory funnel and the Buchner funnel, trying to fit with the industrial interior design of the retail.
















Then we started brewing arabica coffee coming from Kenya, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia, studying and making experiments with the cold brew. Not all the test were good, but in the end, we fixed our own process.


The event we designed has the goal of launching the coffee drinks, and let people try a new way to consume coffee, don’t forget we are in Napoli! So the brief was to create the whole experience around coffee trying to involve also the senses, involving the customers to play with coffee.


The first step of the event was the tasting of the absolute cold coffee by drops on the tongue and by smelling the aromas element. Than based on the coffee preference the bartender will make out a cocktail paired with a proper appetizer.



 (coffee postcard made by guests)




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