Recycled pot for Sementia

October 9, 2017


Sementia is a project of Slow Food designed to spread the knowledge of traditional and ancient grains, a tool for the sustainable development of small local communities living in marginal and resilient agriculture, an appointment to build a responsible chain that leads from the field to plate.



We designed a sprouting pot made of recycled glass, using Coca-Cola bottles. The goal of this souvenir was to keep attention on grains after this event.




The purpose was to grow wheatgrass and then make a juice out of it,  we give to the user a postcard with the illustration of the process.



We participated in the lab, where farmers, entrepreneurs, teachers and scientist were talking about all the different grains, sharing their stories, experiences and work. The meal based on ancient grains was really energetic and the pizza was delicious!



Benevento, Guardia Sanfromondi, vista dal Castello Medioevale.

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